Refurbish indoor play area

New life with Playdays Design and Installation

Whether you want a simple add-on, a new extension or a complete revamp! We have it all covered here at Playdays Design.

Simple add on indoor play equipment and features

Adding a simple feature to your existing Soft-play equipment can be a simple and cost effective way to add real value to your business.
From something for the toddlers - such as a stand alone ball pool or soft play enclosure to something for the larger children - such as the 'walk of doom' or a 'ball blaster'. We have something for you!

New play areas and extensions

Creating new areas and larger features can prove to be beneficial in keeping children entertained and staying relevant in today’s Soft-play industry. We have all of the latest interactive sensory equipment and electronic technology that children now come to expect from today’s world!

Many ranges of products are available. If you have an idea, or in need of inspiration - give us a call and get in touch.

Wall art and branding

We can create any look and theme on any surface or object.This is a great way to catch the attention of children and adults alike - get your customers talking!

Find out what we have to offer.
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Complete play area refurbishment

Growing your business can be difficult to manage. Playdays Design's experience goes a long way in the industry and will prove valuable at these crucial steps in your business journey.

Take a look through our site, and get in touch for us to talk further.