Theme & illustration

Theme's dreams and everything in-between

There is no better way to allow a child's imagination to run wild!

Our expert design team are masters at bringing your ideas to life! Taking them from concepts to real life masterpieces! - The play area of your dreams can be made a reality with Playdays Design.

Standing out from the crowd has never been easier with out in-house design team, we can help with all of your needs, from logo design, and character creation, to theme-ing your whole play area!
No matter how wacky or imaginative the idea, we can create that bespoke look you're dreaming of!

Play areas are more appealing when the softplay has artwork printed onto the vinyl coverings, this creates the overall branding and theme of your play area. To help support and brighten up your theme, we can decorate your area's walls with artwork in a style that enhances your softplay installation.

Play area theme's

Creating an impact will get everyone talking about your play area.

Playdays Design have the best, most creative team to create that 'WOW' factor with you!

Branding and Mascots

In addition to our softplay Design and playground installation expertise, we can also offer specially commissioned play area artwork services. Whether you are looking to paint over old existing art work in a fun factory or just want to brighten up a children's nursery or a toddlers creche, Playdays Design can provide a selection of choices for you to choose from.

From bill boards to buses we can paint onto any surface. Our artist can produce any type of theme. Cartoons, caricatures, and with the correct permission, we can recreate characters from Disney or the Simpson's etc. Any of the popular well known cartoons can be produced.